From old to new…

I will told you how excited I’m with my new painting. This deer was the old ones, it gets scribbled by my nephew that’s why I paint it over. Well I didn’t get mad at him because of him I can change it to the better one. I transform it to the amazing painting (self […]

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Thing I fear most is….

#life There are some things in this life that always be an obstacle to our life and I have this obstacle, it’s my own flaws. The thing I fear the most is I never started, I want to do so many things but I never really do all of them because everytime I feel like […]

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Live with your true passion !

I’m an architecture student now, but I don’t really like architecture. Why I choose architecture major? Well it’s because I listened to my cousin words and I really feel stupid now. If only I listen to what my mom said ” don’t start college, get a job first ” I will feel different if only […]

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If I could say it in words….

#painting#artwork#paint If I could say everything in words there would be no reason for me to paint…. I used to express my passion with painting. I really like this kind of hobby, I don’t really no why but when I’m painting I really feel alive and I can put in my imagination in canvas and […]

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Always remember your WHY !

Why I started painting? Because I want to be an artist, I feel alive when I’m painting also I’m the kind of person that hardly talk about anything so I express my way through painting. It’s not just that, I want to paint the world, I want to make someone see my hardwork, I want […]

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